“Saranda Elite Garden”

Ref: ID00050

For those discerning individuals scouting for unparalleled Albania Saranda real estate, here’s an opportunity that is truly once in a lifetime. Introducing a brand-new luxury endeavor, masterfully crafted by one of Albania’s top-tier architects. Set to be unveiled by the close of 2024, this project stands as a paragon of security and exclusivity, crowned by a mesmerizing entrance and an elegant reception space tailored for its esteemed clientele.

Named the “Elite Garden Residence,” this architectural marvel will encompass 15 ultra-spacious, opulent apartments. Each dwelling is curated to gift its residents with sweeping vistas of the azure Ionian Sea. From its majestic 26-meter infinity pool that seemingly merges with the sea to its meticulously landscaped and verdant vertical gardens, every facet of this Albania Saranda real estate venture is a testament to innovation, nature, and finesse.

A glance at its title reveals its stature – Elite Garden truly embodies elite living. Each apartment within this luxurious enclave will feature 3 plush bedrooms and 3 modern bathrooms, seamlessly paired with an expansive living/lounge space and a dining area. Built to surpass the highest standards of Albania Saranda real estate, the apartment incorporates state-of-the-art smart home functionalities – a rarity in Saranda. Its open-plan kitchen seamlessly flows into the living area, painting a picture of a sophisticated yet cozy Mediterranean abode.

Beyond its structural finesse, this Saranda apartment promises a living experience that’s both radiant and brimming with character. Marrying avant-garde architecture with the latest technological innovations and tasteful furnishings, residents will be transported into an ambiance of sheer quality and warmth.

But the allure of this Albania Saranda real estate gem doesn’t end within its walls. The vicinity teems with pristine beaches, delectable dining spots, retail stores, comprehensive supermarkets, serene parks, and renowned beach resorts and clubs. Given its prime location, accessing Saranda’s heart is a mere 15-minute journey, while the bustling promenade and Saranda’s pristine beaches lie just 10 minutes away. With Elite Garden Residence, immerse in a paradise where every conceivable amenity is just around the corner. Dive deep into the epitome of Albania Saranda real estate luxury.

Price: 252,000€


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"Saranda Elite Garden"