Villas on the beach

Villas on the beach

Villas on the beach

All Villas have a private pool and garden with direct access to a shared, private beach below the property. The area has fantastic views and the Mediterranean as its nearest neighbor. Here it is easy to enjoy and have a nice holiday. Very exclusive! Saranda Real Estate group is very proud to present a completely unique project with villas under construction in an exclusive resort just south of the very popular seaside resort of Saranda. 7 villas have been sold, 7 are still vacant. Blue Horizon is a well thought out and planned Resort which consists of 14 separate villas with immediate proximity to the sea and stunning views of the azure Mediterranean Sea. All units have a private pool and a garden with direct access to a shared, private beach below the property. Each villa is designed in modern design and has a green garden with evergreen palm trees and olive trees surrounding each building and the private pool area. White surfaces and large windows with a very clear focus on catching the light and showing the unique view directly towards the horizon and the sea. This is the first Villa project in Saranda and the developer wants to set a very high standard for further development of the area. We think this unique project is perfect for those who want something completely unique and exclusive, located close to the sea and fantastic views. The size of the villa makes it possible to have two families there at the same time. Therefore, this can be a good and interesting investment together with parents siblings, friends, etc. The buyer has the opportunity to propose changes to the drawings inside the house. The area is somewhat separate from the center of the tourist city of Saranda, yet close to the facilities you would like to have on a holiday. The Mediterranean's uniquely clear and blue waters towards pebble beaches and light sandy beaches extend to both the south and the north. Albania's hospitable atmosphere must be experienced as it is unique to the area. Infrastructure is developing at a rapid pace and both cultural and food experiences are immediately available. The Mediterranean as the nearest neighbor. Here it is easy to enjoy and have a nice holiday. Saranda is Albania's southernmost holiday paradise with beautiful views of the Mediterranean and the Greek island of Corfu and the center of Saranda. We emphasize that this will become an area for the discerning, in a relatively newly discovered Mediterranean paradise. The infrastructure is developing at a rapid pace, the people are very friendly, the food is fantastic. The area is very family-friendly. Why invest in Blue Horizon Villa Resort, Albania:

- Work has already begun and villas, pool areas, and the beach are planned to be completed in the spring of 2021.

- Exclusive and modern architecture.

- Very good developer with solid experience and finances.

- Best place for an exclusive villas resort, on the beach with amazing views.

- Early phase: Possibility to choose tile, color, floor plan- etc.

- Good opportunity to rent.

- Increased interest in Albania and Saranda.

- Divided payment.